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The decision to use just regular HTML, vanilla JS (mostly), and vanilla CSS to create this page was made as I didn't want to pick a specific framework.

I think sometimes developers get too attached to their framework of choice, and can get tunnel vision when trying to decide what to use for a new project.

Generally I'm framework agnostic as they all have their pros and cons.

References available upon request.

Stuff About Me

Recently my main focus of work has been working with teams developing client-facing javascript applications along with their dependent backend APIs.

I get great satisfaction by enabling my team to own the entire product process. Including (but not necessarily limited to) initial vision, development design and architecture, infrastructure configuration, deployments, monitoring, and observability.

Additionally I've spent a significant portion of my recent work in helping team members work on their career and personal growth. Listening to them and leveraging my experience to help them focus on the right areas for them, and helping with unblocking them in any area that they feel might be holding them back.

I'm interested in organizations that have a modern approach to application development where my experience can help my team push forward on new features, exploring new ideas, learning new technologies and continuing to work on interesting problems and products.



Staff Software Engineer
VTS Rise
July 2021 - November 2021

Worked on a Tenant Experience application, allowing the tenants or residents of a commercial or residential building to easily connect and interact with other occupants, building staff, or management. Features include access control, package management, maintenance requests, document transfers, and more.

Most technical time spent evangelizing and strategizing around tech debt work, including introducing automated testing, process around automatic and frequent package security updates, automated security scanning, coding best practices, developer experience, infrastructure as code, and deployment process.

Tech Lead
Utility Services
ecobee, Toronto, Canada
February 2021 - July 2021

Tech lead role on a BTB application allowing energy services throughout North America to offer energy savings and hardware incentives, eg. smart thermostats, to their users in exchange for allowing remote adjustments to their thermostat temperature during exceptional energy events.

Closely worked with the Engineering Manager and Product Manager to manage expectations with stakeholders and to prioritize feature work versus tech debt work. Additionally collaborated and coordinated with other internal teams to ensure smooth deployments and that the impact of changes were understood throughout.

Significant time spent wih the team in 1:1s and group sessions to help think about our development process, where the pain points were, and different ways we wanted to tackle them. Feedback from these sessions was also discussed up with the EM and PM, and other external stakeholders so that all relevant parties could be aware of challenges that the team was facing.

Worked with individual team members to help them with their career and personal growth. Including, listening to where they wanted their career to go, what their interests were, and what they thought were their strengths and weaknesses. Mentoring was done via pairing sessions, technical learning suggestions, and ensuring they had the time and agency to spend on growth.

Staff Web Developer
ecobee, Toronto, Canada
January 2019 - February 2021

Full stack development on BTB application giving small to mid sized businesses the ability to manage a fleet of thermostats across many buildings and geographic locations. Work covered frontend UI and logic, along with maintaining and expanding backend internal APIs.

Design and implementation of new public facing API for the SmartBuildings application, allowing external clients the ability to manage their SmartBuildings account programmatically.

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Application Developer
OANDA, Toronto, Canada
August 2011 - December 2018

Frontend javascript application development on a number internal and external facing applications.

Main public facing product work has been on OANDA's registration system and new web-based trading platform.

UI design and implementation for new software, along with unifying the UI across a number of products.

Investigation and evaluation of various new web technologies and frameworks to inform direction of new application development. Some examples of technologies explored are Polymer, Vue, Backbone, Knockout, React, Ember, Flow, Elm, etc.

Backend API and application development to support new and legacy applications.

Relevant Links

Web Developer
Raybec Communications, Toronto, Canada
March 2008 - August 2011

Worked on a small team of engineers, where our main focus was creating a one-to-one email based client relationship application. This was a Javascript application using a combination of AJAX and server side (Perl) code for interactivity.

Development of smaller-scale web-based applications for clients.

Maintenance of and modifications to legacy application software, ranging in size and scope from database population and cron job creation to more full-fledged variable data PDF generation software.

Production Coordinator
Raybec Communications, Toronto, Canada
September 2004 - March 2008

Merging of large data sets with creative templates to create large variable record PDF files. Projects completed using both purchased variable data software and in-house developed PDF generation scripts.

Design of marketing material, including early mock-ups and working closely with clients to finalize their design needs.

Production of all marketing material on in-house production equipment (mainly Xerox/Fiery hardware), including alignment, colour correction and hardware maintenance.

Graphic Designer
Data ImageNet, Toronto, Canada
December 2000 - September 2004

Design of print-ready marketing material, including business cards, logos, newsletters, posters, etc.

Prepress work on client-supplied files to ensure print quality, colour consistency and overall adherence to client supplied criteria.

Low-level variable data programming for merging data with predefined document templates.


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University of Toronto

Computer Science


Interests / Projects website contains the source for this page

log-defer Javascript library to generate log object compatible with  log-defer-viz

Tag-Handler a jQuery plugin used for managing tag-type metadata; wow this is old, one of the first bits of jQuery I ever wrote

CPAN Distributions full disclosure, other than code reviews, I don't do a lot of perl these days

DBIx::Class::AuditLog simple database action history logging

Plack::Middleware::HTMLify middleware to convert a non-html web page to html

Chess Took up chess again recently after many years away from it. Hard stuck in the mid 1700 range. I may have to spend some time on this.